Songs I’ve Been Listening on Repeat Lately

I’m into these songs right now, and if you aren’t either, we can’t be friends.

August just concluded and we’re already into early September, so I decided to share my seven favorite songs this month. They’re not in any particular order, but I did save a good one for last …



“Potato Salad”

A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator

Ever since Rocky dropped this, it’s been on repeat everyday. Not only in my playlist, but in my brain. Sometimes I’ll just be doing some mundane thing, like my homework, and I’ll be mumbling “this ain’t a purse, it’s a satchel.” There’s so many clever lines between Rocky and Tyler in this that sometimes I still pause after each bar to absorb the genuis. To get into the skeleton of the song, the instrumental used was Monica’s “Knock Knock.” This isn’t considered an official studio song, I’d consider it either like a throwaway or a freestyle. I don’t believe it’s even on any streaming services, but if you wanna listen, just search it on YouTube and you’ll be able to listen and watch the accompanying video featuring a cameo from Jaden Smith.

6. avatars-000406794192-h8u2w3-t500x500



I first heard a snippet of this song on Yuki’s IG and I wanted him to drop it IMMEDIATELY. This is a fairly new song and I think a sneak peek into what his upcoming album might sound like. My favorite part of this song is the melodic “ahhhhhhh” in the background and they way he flows his words when he says “backed down 4:15 now I got no self esteem.” I highly recommend you give this song a listen and I’m looking forward to what else Yuki has in store for the future.

5. e4bf6fef976e5006ddf76b3822bc5440.1000x1000x1

“Heart of Glass”


This is an old song that I’ve recently re-discovered and have been listening to a lot. I’m sure most people are familiar with it and if you aren’t, give it a listen. I guarantee the lyrics will be pulled out from somewhere in the back of your brain. It’s very dreamy and a song you can dance to. Just listen to it. Trust me.



A$AP Rocky, Quavo, Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, and Frank Ocean

I accidentally found this song on Soundcloud and WOW best accident ever. This is like the holy grail of songs. I mean just look at who’s on it. Let’s be honest, how can any song with a Frank Ocean feature be bad. I’m still obsessed every time Quavo comes in with his signature flow.  It’s just so jumpy and catchy when he repeatedly  says, “hoe don’t step on my Raf Simmons.” And the transition from him to Uzi’s whiny, but melodious voice is perfect. And then Playboi Carti’s ad-libs are just the icing on the cake. Last, but not least, Rocky. I don’t even need to go into more detail cause ya’ll already know he killed it.



Ariana Grande

I was never an Ariana Grande fan, but this song is hard not to love. Actually the whole album is a whole mood. If you like some classic Pharrell production, this is the song for you. I really don’t know how else to convince you all to listen other than to say it’s smooth, haunting, and the beat switch-up from the verses to hooks mixed with Ari’s voice and Pharrell’s ad-libs will melt your brain.

2. Childish-Gambino-Summer-920x584

“Feels Like Summer”

Childish Gambino

This song perfectly captures what summer feels like. It’s something you can’t really explain and you just have to hear yourself. The song just feels warm. Also, the video is really cool. Props to whoever did the animations.


“Millennium Freestyle”


I love Peggy and you should too. I saved this song for last cause it’s legit the best thing I didn’t even know I needed in my life. I mean look at the cover art hahaha. No, but really it’s good. If you listen to the song or just the cover art looks familiar, then yes, it is based off of “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. It’s auto-tuned enough to where it’s artistic and not overly annoying. Also, his singing is actually not bad to listen to (and I’ve heard a handful of songs from rappers with horrible vocals.) I’m still unsure if Peggy released this for people to listen to ironically, but either way it’s been in my playlist and that’s where it’s gonna stay.

Author: Wisner

© 2018 Wisner 

2 thoughts on “Songs I’ve Been Listening on Repeat Lately

  1. Because of the wangsap (golf wang do asap) logo at the beginning everyone thinks they gotta whole album that’s going to come at but it’s not confirmed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, it would be so dope if they did collaborate on a whole album together but Tyler kinda dismissed it on Twitter. But I mean who knows. Maybe in the future.


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