Can a Fanbase Ruin the Music?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we can get a little too excited about our favorite artist.

Recently, Brockhampton released their fourth album, “iridescence,” this month. Since it’s release, they’ve been consistently reminding their audience to stream/buy the album to help them reach #1 on the music charts. Two days ago they reached the second spot on the charts below Josh Groban. As of yesterday, Brockhampton finally claimed the #1 spot on the charts. As a result, Brockhampton fans were antagonizing Josh Groban and his fanbase on Twitter. Even though I’m sure Brockhampton doesn’t condone this behavior,  it sheds bad light on them as professional artists. This situation got me wondering…

Can a fanbase affect how one perceives an artist and their music?

Yes, I believe a fanbase has the power to make or break an artist’s career. Though you shouldn’t overlook an artist’s talent because of their fanbase, it can be hard not to. Especially, if they’re annoying. 

Fanbases carry this power because they’re the main marketers for the artist. They spread the word about their new releases and  back-up whatever the artist preaches. Imagine being an outsider to an artist that is interesting to you. You look them up on social media to learn more about them. Immediately, you’re flooded with obnoxious comments and posts from fans. That kind of stuff turns potential fans off. As I’ve followed multiple artists go through their different eras, I’ve watched them gain new fans that don’t always mix with the old fans. I’ve read tweets from ex-fans who stopped following an artist because they couldn’t handle the toxicity from new fans on their timelines/feeds anymore. 

I do think you shouldn’t let others keep you from ruining an artist for you, but I do agree this whole fanbase culture can be irritating. 

Author: Wisner
© 2018 Wisner


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